Thursday, December 30, 2010

iconic iconic ikonick

russh issue 37 covering my face luckily, my floral shorts 

okay hi i'm back again from my unexpected hibernation. i mean it was unexpected because i'm usually not a bear that hibernates. if you know what i mean. anyway i am infatuated by russh magazine, this is my first russh and it's so pretty *eyes widen at prettiness* and the pictures of eniko in there are adorable. hopefully i won't leave this blog because i actually quite like you and it. when i grow up i want to be iconic i don't know what for yet. oh and i think i may have had an anxiety attack yesterday. cool.  hey there rose floral shorts. aren't they spiffy? they aren't just floral shorts but they are rose floral shorts. bam. 

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  1. you know i need a pair of floral shorts myself plus russh seems uber lovely. in the bookstore theres a little nook where the magazines are and theres this spot where all these cool looking (but pricey) fashion magazines that not very many people know are and i think i should get a copy of one and yes i'll shut up now~