Saturday, January 1, 2011


film still from girl, interrupted, from tumblr, sleigh bells (band)

i went to the beach today and came back feeling like a mermaid because my hair was matted and salty which doesn't sound quite lovely at all but it sure feels lovely.  my new years resolution is to be less clumsy/accident prone/accident inducing/stupid/accidently forgetful. which i already kind of partially broke on the count of how i woke up today 1st Jan and opened the fridge, pulled out the drawer (apparently this drawer isn't actually supposed to come out? how was i supposed to know that i've only had this fridge for approx 15 years of my life) and bam. jar fell out at me and smashed right next to my foot. look i like glass but just not in my foot. if you know what i'm saying.

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